May 2017

  • UK Parliamentary election – 8 June

    It is now too late to apply to vote by post or proxy unless you become ill or your employment circumstances change unexpectedly so that you cannot attend your polling station in person on 8 June. If you do become ill or your work unexpectedly takes you away from home on polling day so that […]

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  • Registration and postal voting application deadlines passed for UK election on 8 June – but it is not too late to appoint a proxy.

    The registration deadline and period for applying to vote by post on 8 June have now passed. If you have changed address and not updated your registration details in time for the election on 8 June, you can still apply to vote by proxy where you can ask someone you trust to vote on your […]

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  • Extraordinary UK Parliamentary Election on 8 June 2017

    Most citizens are already registered to vote and received their poll card for the council elections that took place on 4 May. Click the Register to Vote button below if you have not got round to applying to be added to the register of electors or you have changed address and not updated your registration […]

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