The Grampian Valuation Joint Board was established as part of the 1996 reorganisation of local government in terms of The Valuation Joint Boards (Scotland) Order 1995 and is vested with the functions of the three valuation authorities (Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Moray Council) in the area of the former Grampian Region. With the agreement of the three councils the Board also has responsibility for the Electoral Registration function.  The Board comprises 15 members who are appointed by the three councils with the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire councils each nominating 6 members and Moray Council 3 members.  The Board is responsible for the administrative side of the valuation process: ensuring that there are sufficient staff/offices to fulfill the valuation function monitoring accounts, performance, audit and complaint matters.  The Board and its members cannot however become involved in valuation decisions made by the Assessor.  The Assessor has an independent professional valuation role which is required by the courts to be free of political influence or interference.  Similar provisions apply to ensure that registration decisions made by the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) are also the responsibility of the ERO and not the Board.

The membership of the Board is as follows:-

Aberdeen City Council Councillors Neil Copland, Bill Cormie (Depute Convener), Gordon Graham, Neil McGregor, John Reynolds, vacancy.
Aberdeenshire Council Councillors Charles Buchan, Marion Buchan, Andy Kille, Ron McKail, Brian Topping, Judy Whyte.
Moray Council Councillors Frank Brown, Theresa Coull, Graham Leadbitter (Convener).

Roddy Burns, Chief Executive of Moray Council, is the Clerk to the Board.

Lorraine Paisey, Head of Finance for Moray Council, is the Treasurer to the Board.

Any board related correspondence should be addressed to the Grampian Valuation Joint Board, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB15 6GE. For telephone enquiries, call 01224 068400
The current schedule of Board meetings for 2022 is provided below.

4 February 2022 Online

Meetings are normally held in Elgin or Aberdeen but due to the pandemic related restrictions, meetings have moved online.

Meetings in Elgin are normally held in the Council Chamber, Moray Council Headquarters, High Street, Elgin at 10:30hrs.
Meetings in Aberdeen are normally held at Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB16 5GE at 10:30hrs
Copies of the minutes and reports for Board meetings can be accessed via this link

The Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2002

In terms of this legislation the Grampian Valuation Joint Board is neither a Council nor a devolved public body and is therefore not under a duty to keep a Register of Members Interests. The registers of the interests of individual members are however maintained by their constituent councils.