We anticipate that the General Election approved by MPs yesterday will go ahead.

If it does, all British, Irish, qualifying Commonwealth and British overseas electors aged 18 or over on 12 December will need to make sure that they can cast their vote on 12 December.

If you have recently changed address and not updated your registration details, go to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote and apply to register with your new details as soon as possible.

If you are already registered but do not think you will be able to vote in person at your local polling station and have not arranged to vote by post or proxy (where you have formally appointed someone you know and trust to vote on your behalf), apply to vote by post or proxy by downloading an application form from here, and complete and return it as soon as possible.  Please note that applications for postal or proxy voting cannot be made online.  You can however email completed application forms back to us.

Do not leave securing your vote to the last minute.

The legislation approved by MPs yesterday has yet to pass through the House of Lords, but assuming that it is not opposed by the House of Lords the Electoral Commission has advised that the following deadlines will apply –

Midnight on Tuesday 26 November for registering.

17:00hrs on Tuesday 26 November for applying for a postal vote, applying for a postal proxy vote or changing an existing postal or proxy vote.

17:00hrs on Wednesday 4 December for apply for a new proxy to vote in person on your behalf.