Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 6 May

You don’t need your poll card to go along and cast your vote.

If you are not sure where your polling station is go to www.wheredoivote.co.uk and key in your postcode.

The deadlines for applying to vote by post or proxy have now passed.

You can still apply for an emergency proxy if you find you cannot go to your polling station on Thursday 6 May.

Emergency proxy voting is available if after 5pm on  Tuesday 27 April –

  • you receive advice that you have to self-isolate
  • your work requires you to be away from home
  • you fall ill

You may also apply for an emergency proxy vote if you fall ill immediately before 5pm on 27 April and are incapable of making an application at that time.

If your proxy has to self-isolate, you can use the emergency proxy application form to change your proxy .

If you need to apply for an emergency proxy vote you should apply as early as possible.  Click here to go to our voting information page and download an emergency proxy vote application form.  Completed applications must be returned to us as soon as possible.  We cannot accept any applications after 5pm on Thursday 6 May.