We are now at an advanced stage in carrying out the revaluation of 25,000 non-domestic properties in the Grampian area.

The last Revaluation was in 2010 and the Revaluation due in 2015 was postponed to 2017 by the Scottish Government and, for England & Wales, the UK Government.  Revaluation results in the production of a new Valuation Roll which contains revised values for all non-domestic properties.  The Grampian Assessor is the independent official responsible for the new rateable values.  The collection of rates and the administration of exemptions and relief is the responsibility of the local councils.

The draft Revaluation 2017 rateable value for any non-domestic property in Scotland is available at www.saa.gov.uk , a website shared by all Scottish Assessors.  The Revaluation 2017 rateable values should approximate to the rent payable on standard insuring and repairing terms according to the level of values that prevailed on 1 April 2015.  The draft values are subject to ongoing revision and change as we finalise our valuations.  In this regard, we still have a number of questionnaires that have not been returned by property occupiers and landlords.  If you have not returned a completed questionnaire, please do so as soon as possible so that the information can be factored into the revaluation analysis.  Similarly, if you have information that you think shows that your draft value is incorrect, you should let us know.

The draft rateable values will be finalised by 15th March 2017 and notices issued by mail to every proprietor, tenant and occupier.  The notice will provide the finalised rateable value (not the rates payable) and also details on what you should do if you think that the rateable value is incorrect.