The deadline for updating your registration details ahead of the referendum that will take place on 23 June has now passed.  If you have just moved house you may still be registered to vote relative to your former address and therefore be able to cast your vote at your former polling station.

If your former polling station is not convenient for you to attend in person on 23 June, you can apply to appoint a friend or relative in that area to vote on your behalf – this is called voting by proxy.  Applications to vote by proxy must be delivered to the Electoral Registration office where you are registered to vote before 5pm on Wednesday 15 June.  Contact details for all Electoral Registration offices and application forms to appoint proxies are available at

If after 15 June you fall ill or circumstances arise concerning your employment or occupation to such an extent that you are unable to vote in person at your polling station on 23 June, you may be able to apply to appoint an emergency proxy to vote in person on your behalf.  Please contact our offices using the contact details at the foot of this page if you require further information. Emergency proxy appointments can be made up to 5pm on 23 June.